Parker Bata, better known as PmBata, is taking the world by storm with his dynamic flow, stunning fluidity and rhythmic sound. At only 21 years old, PmBata is making waves with his new age Hip Hop that melds old school with new school, defying musical genres and expectations - all while pursuing his college degree.

The Kansas City, MO native is a self-taught vocalist and producer. PmBata was encouraged to pursue music by his parents who surrounded him with music from an early age. PmBata's father was his high school band director and his mother is a music teacher, both of whom supported his training on the piano and trumpet as a child. The trumpet proved to be a passion for Parker, and he is still an avid trumpet player today...

Astronaut Boy

a letter from Anxiety

i hate her boyfriend’s face (feat. Mike Posner)

i hate her boyfriend's face

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